How did Faery Ink Press start?2019-03-16T19:13:24-06:00

You can read a more in-depth history here. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but it was in university that I started researching alternatives to traditional publishing. I’d submitted manuscripts to publishers with encouraging results, but I wanted to see if I could publish myself and actually be successful. I took a publishing course at Humber College, where I made lots of friends and filled in the gaps in my publishing knowledge. Then, in 2011, I published my debut novel, Within.

How can I buy your books?2019-03-16T19:13:38-06:00

Faery Ink Press sells books directly to the reader online. You can also order them in to Chapters or your local bookstore. Most of the time, the copies provided to them will be print on demand, printed and distributed through Ingram. This is the cheapest, most efficient way for me to distribute a print copy that doesn’t come directly from me, however I cannot guarantee how long it will take for you to receive them. The fastest way to get a Faery Ink Press book is to order directly through this website. If you are a Canadian bookstore that would like to carry my books, please see the distribution page!

I also attend conventions regularly in Canada. You can see where I’m going to be by visiting my events page.

When will your next book be out?2019-11-18T10:43:04-07:00

The Midnight Tablet (The Violet Fox #4) will be out in April 2020.

Voices In Her Song (Sparkstone Saga #5) will be out later 2020.

Wingtorn, my weekly fantasy serial podcast, releases on a weekly schedule (barring a busy show season!).

I have a handful of stand-alone books and two new series simmering in the back of my brain for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Please check the blog or the Facebook page for updates!

Who does your covers?2019-03-16T19:13:49-06:00

My partner, David. The Sparkstone Saga covers are illustrated by Bramasta Aji.

Do you give refunds?2019-03-16T19:13:54-06:00

For print books, if you can send me proof that a book has a missing page, or anything where the printer might be at fault, I will send a replacement copy. Unfortunately I cannot accept returns on personalized, signed books.

I will do exchanges on corrupted eBook files, or try to help you troubleshoot files if they don’t work.

I ordered a book and it arrived damaged. What do I do?2019-03-16T19:13:58-06:00

Please contact me ASAP with images of the damage and I will send a replacement copy.

I’m a book blogger/reviewer. Can I review one of your books?2019-03-16T19:14:07-06:00

Sure! But:

  • You have to contact me with your website/blog.
  • I only give out eBook copies for review. This is because of exorbitant shipping costs.
  • I reserve the right to grant or deny any review request (just because you ask, doesn’t mean you shall receive).


Do you take submissions?2019-03-16T19:14:12-06:00

I get asked this a lot!

Not right now, I’m afraid. I am a one-woman, one-author press. Publishing others is something I’m working toward and I may expand Faery Ink Press in the future to accommodate this. But that can only happen if people continue to show interest in the brand.

Help Faery Ink Press grow by buying a book today!

What ages are your books for?2020-06-19T13:41:24-06:00

I generally say age 12+ for most of my titles, except Within, which I say 16+ for language and more mature themes.

The benchmark I tend to place here is, “Are they reading novels without too much assistance? Are these novels 250 pages, with few or no illustrations?”



Is there any inappropriate content I should know about in your books?2021-01-14T10:05:14-07:00

“Inappropriate” content can be a subjective term. Many parents I’ve talked to are most concerned about whether or not the teen characters in my books are engaging in sexual relationships.

My response: my characters are too busy saving the world to have serious, hot-and-heavy relationships.

As of writing this FAQ:

  • None of the books have sex in them.
  • The Violet Fox Series contains some make-outs.
  • The Sparkstone Saga has some kissing.
  • Within has some adult language.


Are there any LGBTQA+ characters in your books?2019-03-16T19:34:48-06:00

Yes – the Sparkstone Saga has at least one gay character.

What are your books about?2019-03-16T19:45:45-06:00

You can read detailed descriptions of the Violet Fox Series and the Sparkstone Saga on their respective pages.

The Violet Fox Series is a Cinderella, fairy-tale type story set in a fantasy world. It’s about a girl who pretends to be a princess to sneak into a castle to retrieve a stolen magical artefact, but ends up falling in love with a prince and starting a war.

The Sparkstone Saga is a fantastical science fiction story set in a fictional town in Alberta, Canada. It’s about a girl who is accepted to a secretive university where everyone has superpowers, but a group of aliens control the university and they want to take the students’ superpowers, and so the protagonist and her friends have to use their superpowers to fight against the aliens.

Within is a horror/thriller mystery set in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s about a group of friends who get in a car accident and one of the girls becomes brain-damaged. She begins receiving visions of murders that are actually happening, but she’s only able to communicate lucidly when she enters a fugue state to write a strange, horrific novel. Her friends have to put the pieces together to uncover the murderer.

Are your books for girls or boys?2020-06-19T13:40:30-06:00

Identifying with a particular gender is not a prerequisite for book enjoyment.

In other words: did your daughter enjoy reading The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson) a series with male protagonist POVs? Or any other YA book with a male protagonist? If so, I don’t see why your son wouldn’t enjoy reading my books, which have predominantly female POVs.

In short, if you enjoy superheroes, solving mysteries, exploring the consequences of unchecked magical power, alien invasions, and young people standing up to people in authority…you’re going to like my books.

Have a question you don’t see above? Comment and I’ll answer, or contact me here.