At 12:01 tonight, I will be writing. And I won’t stop for the next 3 days until my novel is done.

I guess I’m a little nervous. I’m good with writing in short bursts, but I often have a short attention span with a project, and move on to something else. I have to make sure I keep focused.

I’ll probably be making use of the Write or Die tool. Basically, you set a word limit goal, and a time limit goal. Then you have to write. If you stop writing for more than a certain number of seconds, this creepy countdown sound starts and your screen goes red. It’s kinda scary actually. But it keeps you going, no matter what.

So…wish me luck! It would be great to finish, have something to edit down the road to send away. But as always, I play to win. 😉

Now if I could only come up with a title…