If you’ve been following on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that I met with a Friesens sales rep on Friday. Friesens is a reputable offset printer in Winnipeg. They print for lots of publishers here in Canada and abroad.

This is a pretty big step. Purchasing editing for your book can often be the point of no return, but printing your book–that’s like, being sucked into the black hole.

But it will totally be worth it.

That’s what I keep telling myself.

It will, though. Having an offset print book allows me to go to the next level with distribution…which is the second challenge I face. Most distributors I’ve looked at either a) don’t take self-published books or b) have a minimum back-list of like, 4 books or c) you have to publish a certain number of books per year. And that certain number is like, 5, instead of 1. Currently, with Amazon-CreateSpace, I have to order WITHIN from the US for a POD book. It’s just not cost effective at all.

So I’ve got to do it the hard way. One bookstore at a time…and hopefully getting into Chapters/Indigo. They actually do take self-published books, ones that have been packaged nicely. You can read more about Indigo and their standards in the bowels of their website, here. Then when my sales have reached an acceptable level, then I’ll be able to think about a distributor.

Right now, totally stoked to choose paper stock for The Violet Fox. It is going to be the prettiest book. ^^