Faery Ink Press 2014 Publishing Schedule

Here it is: the 2014 Publishing Schedule for Faery Ink Press!!
The first two books have pretty strict deadlines. The third is like a bonus–if I’m not dead, then I’m going to do my best to publish on time.
DREAMS IN HER HEAD (Sparkstone #2): March 13, 2014 (add to Goodreads!)
THE SILVER SPEAR (The Violet Fox #2): June 13, 2014 (add to Goodreads!)
THE HUNGER INSIDE (tentative title) (Sparkstone #3): September 13, 2014 (add to Goodreads!)
Maybe I’m crazy for wanting to publish three books next year. But I came to a startling realization when I got back from Winnipeg: I’ve published 3 books in 1.5 years. I don’t think many authors can say they’ve done that. Faery Ink Press will officially turn two in November (I’m counting Within‘s release date as Faery Ink Press’ birthday). I can’t stop my momentum now. With the correct time management, I’m fairly confident I can get three books out on time next year.
If I really wanted to, I could get Dreams In Her Head out by November or December 2013. Originally I wanted to publish two books this year, but I’m not going to rush another one into production. My goal with Faery Ink Press is to publish at least one book a year, and I’ve met that goal for 2013 with Stars In Her Eyes. I want to focus on building my distribution and marketing base for the rest of the year. I’m also doing a lot of conventions this year, and that’s not a cheap venture either!
Also, I pushed back The Silver Spear’s release date by about six months from what I had originally planned, moving it into 2014. There will be four books in The Violet Fox series, and they take 8-10 months to write as opposed to the shorter novellas in the Sparkstone saga, which take 3-4 months tops. The only thing I’m worried about for The Silver Spear is finding the funds to do a print run for it. I’m thinking of organizing an IndieGoGo campaign. That will be a new experience for me! But, we’ll see.
You might also notice I’m only publishing sequels in 2014. The Violet Fox series will have four books, and the Sparkstone saga isn’t ending any time soon, and I’m only one person! However, I do hope to publish a stand-alone novel in 2015 just to change things up a little bit. The great thing for me in publishing only sequels in 2014 is that I can continue to promote The Violet Fox and Stars In Her Eyes just as heavily next year as well, since they are the first in the series.
And yes, I like the number 13. All books for the next little while will be released on the 13th of any given month, until I run out of 13’s! Then…we’ll see. 🙂
In the mean time, however, you should add these three books to Goodreads–especially if you’ve read the first books in the series! If you haven’t read any of my books, well, maybe you should check out my books page to see if you find something you like! 😉


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