Self-publishing is something I’ve wanted to do for about four years now. Now that I’ve completed the Creative Book Publishing program and have gotten some experience in the publishing industry–including doing the freelance work I have and connecting with a number of brilliant indie authors, I feel like the time has come that I put my work out there too.

This is not for lack of trying to get published the traditional way. I have tried to get my work published since I was fifteen. And I was rejected for probably a good reason–my writing hadn’t matured. I will continue to submit to traditional publishers for certain projects, but the allure and mystique of being published by someone else has faded somewhat, now that I work in publishing.

I’m self-publishing because I’m curious about how it will turn out. I’m excited by the challenge of doing a lot of the work myself. I’m also lucky to have a wonderful partner to create beautiful covers for me. I’ll be doing all the layout and typesetting myself, as well as the ebook conversion. I will be hiring an editor, a friend of mine who works with me at ChiZine Publications. I’m not going to do print books at first, only ebooks, and that will keep my costs down.

I know I’m not going to make millions of dollars doing this. I might even lose money, or break even. But I have the knowledge and expertise–so I might as well try!

I’m planning to have my first book, a novella, released in mid-September. More details will follow.