My last dream last night was about Road to Avonlea, about an episode which I am convinced didn’t actually exist. As I was looking up the different episodes to confirm this, I remembered how much I admired Lucy Maud Montgomery as a child. For those new to Canadian literature…L.M. Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables and several other novels/stories featuring young girls growing up on Prince Edward Island.

I have all the Anne books upstairs, but I’ve only read the first four. I’ve read the first two Emily books as well, but I don’t believe I’ve read the third. I also have one of her published journals. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at them.

I wanted to share a story with you that my mom likes to tell about me. In grade 6, we had to create a presentation about someone we admired; it had to be a real person, and we could dress up as that person if we liked for bonus points. The girls all chose the Spice Girls (who were popular at the time) or some other singer-actress. (Except Brittney–didn’t you do Sean Connery, and you dressed as a man? Or did you do Terri Clark? I do seem to remember you being Sean Connery as he is the best Bond).

Anyway, I picked Lucy Maud Montgomery. And no one knew who she was. No one! People knew Anne of Green Gables, but not the author behind it. This was unfathomable to my eleven-year-old self, as I had grown up with her stories. I dressed up as her too, appearing quite out of place as a lady from the early 20th century among modern stars.

Actually, Brittney, your mom videotaped everyone’s presentation and my mom still has the tape around here somewhere. Once she pulled it out to show one of my old boyfriends. Yeah, that’s how much she likes to tell this story.

Lucy Maud was one of my heroes when I was young. She was so prolific and created such memorable characters–and she will be remembered forever. Who was your hero? How was your hero different from what your peers idolized, if at all?