You may have noticed that I’m getting back on the serialized fiction bandwagon. Faces in the Mist is a story I’ve been working on for a while now, but I’m determined to update it once a week, every Monday. For those of you who haven’t checked it out, it’s a science fiction/horror-mystery with a touch of fantasy. Queen Skyla of the Luna Dome and her handsome but troubled captain of the guard must figure out why her lady-in-waiting (and primary opposition to the throne) has gone crazy. And of course, not all is as it seems. Because nothing ever is in these situations.

As if I don’t have enough to do, I’ll be introducing another serial novel on Faery Ink Press…

*drum roll*


(pretty pretty graphic cover/poster to come! 🙂 )


A girl who burns both hot and cold;

A girl who can fade into the background without a trace;

A guy who knows exactly what you are thinking, before you think it;

A girl who dreams of her own death.

Welcome to Sparkstone, where some students are more gifted than others.

When Ingrid receives word that she has been accepted at the hyper-secretive Sparkstone University, she is sceptical. It’s an honour to attend, apparently, and yet no one has ever heard of the place.

And everyone seems a little too happy that she’s there. As if she was expected. Expected to save Earth from an imminent alien invasion. Like she has superpowers or something.

As if magic and mutations exist. As if aliens are really planning to attack.

That just sounds ridiculous. There’s no such thing.




Start date: February 29, 2012.

I’d originally planned to write it as a screenplay (why does this always happen?) but then I decided what the hey. I actually got about one episode written, which I will be breaking down into digestible “chapters” for you all to read every week, on Wednesdays. And if you haven’t guessed, it’s a young adult science fiction with a touch of fantasy.

Yaaaay! I’m excited.