Creating a new website for has been on my to-do list for a while. Almost as long as creating a new website for my freelancing website.

Truth is I was never 100% satisfied with Faery Ink Press’s look. It can take a while to put your finger on what works and what doesn’t in site design and function, though it had become clear to me in the recent months that the site design just wasn’t professional enough, wasn’t clear enough for the market.

It didn’t truly represent the feel and look I was trying to convey.

It’s okay, though. With each incarnation, I improve. Faery Ink Press has had several looks over the years…


I think this is the only screenshot I have of the very first incarnation of Faery Ink Press. Back then, it was my personal blog, where I posted stories. Though it’s dated 2008, it looked like that ever since at least 2004 with few changes. Roomies was my ongoing silly story about four Sims living in a house together as part of a reality show where THE PRODUCER (caps deliberate) would talk to them and “make” them do things FOR THE SAKE OF RATINGS. And by “make” I don’t mean in a sexual way–despite the description. The characters were fully aware that they were Sims (at least some of them were). I still have a few episodes somewhere, alas, the rest is lost.

I started blogging in earnest in 2006 or so, when I entered university, when blogging was gaining in popularity, and definitely highlights that I thought people cared about what little old me had to say.


I’m not sure if this one ever actually made it to the site, but I remember working on it back in 2009/10 before I graduated King’s. I was sure then that I would go into publishing–that I would publish myself, and grow Faery Ink Press into something meaningful. Darkest Fae is still something I’m working on (and hope to release as a serial). Two-Spirit I actually have about 50,000 words of online, and started to rewrite into novella-sized bites on my own. Don’t know if I’ll ever release it officially–I guess we’ll have to see!

But it’s here where you can see the beginnings of what I hoped to create. An “actual” publishing entity, and not just silly blog posts and stories by a young teenager.


For a while, I used as my personal blog, hosted on Blogger. This is the first step I took to differentiating Faery Ink Press and Clare C. Marshall. I did this for a while, but stopped when I decided to implement WordPress and blend everything in a more professional way.


This was when I started using WordPress, in 2010. I was (and still am) attracted to the magazine style template. It was the direction I wanted to head in, though I just couldn’t shake that purple. Ohh and that Bleeding Cowboy font!! No, no, never again. That word cloud you see in the slider, though, is for what would eventually become Within.


And of course, the latest design before the current. I absolutely hated the front page, even when I put up the theme. I liked everything else, and did a lot of heavy modding to the blog and archive pages to make them look agreeable, but that front page is just hideous. The sidebars didn’t really add much and everything was small and a bit all over the place.

That header with the newsletter sign up was a recent addition to the site that I liked a lot. Unfortunately having it in the current design made everything a bit clunky.

I think with this current design I shed a lot of the distractions from the younger me and narrowed in on what Faery Ink Press is: a publishing entity that publishes and sells books for young adults. Website design is a constantly evolving thing, though, just like publishing. I doubt this will be the last look Faery Ink Press ever has.