Raise Your Spear: The Silver Spear Crowdfunding Campaign

A question I get a lot when I’m selling my books is, “How long have you been a writer?”
I remember stapling coloured paper together and writing stories as young as five. In elementary school, in grade 2, we all wrote stories and they were bound as books. There were words on every page, with lots of space to draw our own pictures to accompany the story. I remember my story being rather long compared to everyone else’s.
I think I was about eight-years-old when I first came up with the Violet Fox. Back then, it wasn’t called The Violet Fox. The story was simply called Freetor. I wrote maybe twenty pages of it by hand, double spaced, in my blue story binder that held all my half-finished short stories and novels.
I remember one day my mom found the binder lying around and read the first page of the first chapter. Run. That’s what instinct told me. She told me that it drew her in right away and she felt like she was reading a “real book.”
Of course the first page has changed dramatically from eight-years-old to twenty-something-years-old, but those sentences are still in there.
Now, The Violet Fox is one of my best-selling novels, and is getting a sequel: The Silver Spear.
But The Silver Spear needs a little help to get made.
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About The Silver Spear

thesilverspear_1800pxThe Silver Spear is a sequel to The Violet Fox, and it takes place about a month later. Where The Violet Fox was very similar to Cinderella and Robin Hood and drew from those fairy tale elements, The Silver Spear takes Kiera Driscoll (our female protagonist) and Keegan Tramore (her love interest) across the land to recover an artefact that may or may not even exist: the Silver Spear of legend.
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What do I need the money for?

I am raising $1,000 to cover the editorial cost of publishing the The Silver Spear. This will cover a structural edit and a copy edit from my editor as well as the fees from Indiegogo. If I surpass this goal, the extra money raised will go to the production costs–and if we surpass it by lot, I will be able to do a small offset run.
>>Go to the campaign page on Indiegogo now!<<

What Can I Do To Help?

If you’re unable to contribute, please talk about and share the campaign page with others who would be interested! Every little bit helps. You can share this link on Facebook or Twitter: http://igg.me/at/silverspear.
I’ll also be holding a number of contests to help promote the campaign. The first one starts September 22 and ends September 30. Whoever shares any of the pictures or links I post on Facebook or Twitter or other social media will be entered into a draw to win Faery Ink Press swag! But don’t worry, there will be more share contests, and multiple prizes to be won! Of course the REAL prize is knowing you’re helping an independent publisher make it in the big wide world…right…right? Haha, okay. Moving on.
There will be about two share contests per month. The more you share, the better, because it increases what’s called the GoGo Factor of the campaign, and gives it traction!
>>Go to the campaign page on Indiegogo now!<<

Thank you for your interest

I am very humbled and grateful to those who have contributed so far. I could not be where I am right now without the support of my friends and family. Because of your support and interest, I’m confident that I’ll be able to meet my goal.


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