Reach for the Stars Giveaway

This giveaway is unlike any giveaway I’ve done before! But I’m pretty much willing to try anything here at Faery Ink Press. The rules are explained in detail below the infographic!
Reach for the Stars Giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Rules

-Enter via Rafflecopter on the Faery Ink Press Facebook giveaway tab, or through the Rafflecopter above or any other website that has the Rafflecopter embedded!
-THE PRIZE: Here’s where everything is a little different. The prize is based on how many Facebook likes Faery Ink Press has in total. The more people that like the page, the better the final prize will be! For example: the default prize is an eBook copy of a Faery Ink Press book and some Faery Ink Press swag. If we make it to 500 likes, then the prize becomes a PRINT copy of Stars In Her Eyes, the eBook copy, and some swag. And it just gets better from there!
-Starts June 13, 2013, ends July 2, 2013.
That’s why it’s important for everyone to share the Faery Ink Press page or Faery Ink Press page posts whenever possible! The more people you get to like the page, the better the prize you might win!

Why I’m Doing This

My goal for this giveaway is to increase my Facebook presence. At the time of writing, my Facebook page has 464 likes–not too shabby, but it’s about 600 too few for where I’d like to be. I mentioned in my publishing plans for next year that I might want to do an Indiegogo campaign, and having a strong social media base is pretty important to making a crowdfunding campaign a success. So if you’re interested in what I do, but maybe you don’t have the funds to buy my books right now–share my Facebook page! Follow me on Twitter! You are helping, even in the smallest way, to make Faery Ink Press a success.


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