Yep, finally.

I will be offering physical copies of WITHIN for sale through my website. Finally, those who wish to buy a physical copy of my book but don’t want to pay American dollars for it, can spend their hard earned loonies and toonies on my website.

Unfortunately, I’m only offering this to Canadian peeps only–sorry Europe! Americans (and other International customers) can still buy a physical copy through

Shipping costs are actually not too unreasonable, as long as you don’t mind waiting a week or more for your book to arrive. There will be two shipping options: the regular mail, which is around $5 anywhere in Canada, and expedited mail, which is $10 for the Atlantic provinces and about $16 for everywhere else in Canada. Like I said, it could take more than a week to arrive by regular mail, but for expedited packages, it should only take 1-3 days. Note that because I’m probably going to move out west (Calgary) in the coming months, these shipping prices may change.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days while I set this up!