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#1 – The Beginning

As you stare up at the formidable main building on the Sparkstone University campus, you’re starting to wonder if you’ve made the right decision to come here.

The last two weeks of your life have been overwhelming for you and your family.

First, your mom received a mysterious phone call saying you’d been accepted to a university you’d never even applied for. Sparkstone University, in the middle-of-nowhere, Alberta. Both you and your parents thought this was a scam at first, but after multiple phone calls to the police and the local school board, you discover that it’s common for Sparkstone University to pull records from the high schools themselves and recruit the top performing students with the promise of large scholarships.

The semester was starting soon, and it was barely August. You needed to get your butt to campus, or lose your chance at a lucrative scholarship and the opportunity to study with the top minds in your field. Since your other college choices didn’t offer you much money, it seemed a no-brainer, and your parents urged you to choose this relatively unknown Canadian university in the middle of nowhere over Harvard, McGill, and Cambridge. In fact, they dropped you and your bags off with few tears shed before Rogers Hall—the giant gold plaque shouts the university’s wealth to your recently emptied bank account.

The university village beside the large campus seems to only exist to serve the students and faculty, which is convenient, as there’s no other town for miles. A few other students mill around the surrounding trees, studying, chatting, and enjoying the precious sun in the remaining days of summer.

One girl leans against the main building, alone. Her bushy blond hair waves lazily in the gentle wind, and her bright blue eyes regard you with wary caution. You give her a little wave in greeting.

She motions for you to approach.

Before you can do so, the doors to Rogers Hall burst open and a tall, slender woman dressed in a flowing white skirt and a cream blouse floats towards you. “Floats” being the most apt descriptor, as her footsteps are so light and graceful, she barely touches the ground. Her long silver hair is perfectly straight, and seems at odds with her bony, angular, yet kind face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were waiting out here. I hope we haven’t kept you,” she says. She doesn’t appear as frazzled as she suggests. “I’m Ms. Agailya, the head housemistress here at Sparkstone. Let me show you to your dorm room, and then I have a few things to go over with you. Does that sound all right?”

You glance down at your two suitcases. It would be nice to have a place to put everything instead of wheeling them around campus. The girl leaning against Rogers Hall, however, is still staring at you intently. She seems like she wants to speak with you.

What Do You Choose?

Go with Ms. Agailya to your dorm (0%)
Speak with the girl (100%)

#2 – You Speak With The Girl

When you turn down Ms. Agailya’s request to show you to your dorm room, she appears concerned. “As you wish,” she replies slowly. Her gaze lingers behind you, at the girl leaning against Rogers Hall. “You are responsible for your own luggage. Once you’re ready, come find me.” She gives you directions to another building where she will be conducting a tutorial. “I’ll need to assign you building and room keys. There are other rules I’d like to discuss with you as well.”

After assuring her that you’d eventually seek her out for an orientation, she glides across campus, into a building called MacLeod Hall.

As you lug your bags towards the girl, you regret not taking up Ms. Agailya’s offer. The wheels on the bag are not holding up well. The girl wears a light tank top, covered in a darker sweater, and grey yoga pants. She continues to gesture to you, even when you’re within comfortable conversational range. Whatever it is she wants to tell you, she doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

She speaks in a slight Texan twang, and forgoes any kind of formal introduction. “I saw you in a dream.”

You’re a little taken aback. “Uh, what?”

“Sorry. That was a bit abrupt. I’m…not great at…” She seems to rethink her train of thought. “You just arrived here, right?”

You glance at your luggage and nod.

“Okay. Two things you should know. One. Don’t eat the food. Just…try not to, anyway. There’s a bakery in town over there, and a few other places that are safe, for now. And two…” She glances up at the building cautiously, as if afraid something is going to fall on her at any moment. She lowers her voice. “Don’t trust the professors. Most of them, anyway. All right?”

“Why?” you ask. “What’s wrong with the–?”

“Shh. They got eyes and ears everywhere. Just trust me, okay?” She sighs, frustrated, and tries to smooth out her frizzy curls. “By the way, what’s your name?”

You tell her. “I’m Sunni,” she says, with a small smile. “I didn’t mean to lay it on you like that, all so quick. Just thought…you might understand, maybe.” She glances across the campus. Her apprehensive look returns. “I’ve got to go. But remember what I said.”

She strides around you, and heads towards the entrance of Rogers Hall. Well, that was weird. She saw you in a dream? What does that even mean? She opens the door with ease and heads inside, but the door is slow to close behind her.

You’ve still got your luggage, and the morning is wearing on. Having a short rest in your dorm does sound nice. But you’ll need to find Ms. Agailya again. The campus isn’t huge, but there are lots of buildings, and any one of them could be where you’re supposed to go. Ms. Agailya did mention getting keys, which would access more buildings, which presumably comes with the orientation. She also mentioned she’d be conducting a tutorial–some sort of class? You do have lots of questions about the classes you’ll be taking, and how to choose your major.

On the other hand, the door to Rogers Hall is slowly closing. You might be able to catch it and do some exploring on your own. It’s doubtful you’re expected to attend classes on your first day. Who knows what other interesting (or weird) people you might run into. It is, after all, the first day of your time at university.

What do you choose? Get the official orientation before snooping around? Or be sly and follow Sunni?

1. Get an official orientation from Ms. Agailya

2. Try to follow Sunni inside the building

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