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Did I completely forget that I promised everyone a scavenger hunt? Maaaybe! But never fear, it’s here now, short and sweet! And for those that have entered this via the Rafflecopter, MUST send me the answers in order for their entry in the giveaway to be valid. Also, the answers have to be correct! 🙂 Hints have been provided where needed. Otherwise, all answers can be found on the Faery Ink Press website.
Submit the completed questions to aurora (at) faeryinkpress (dot) com or use the contact form here.
So, here we go.
1. Easy-peasy question to whet your appetite: what is the name of the series that Stars In Her Eyes belongs to?
2. Let’s test your knowledge of space and the planets. Which planet is the closest to the sun? (Hint: Do you really need a hint? Google hath all the answers!)
3. Ingrid mentions in the first chapter of Stars In Her Eyes what her favourite Celtic ballad is to play on the piano. What is the tune’s name? (Hint: find the first chapter here)
4. Sparkstone University isn’t a real place, but it is set in a real province. What Canadian province is Stars In Her Eyes set? (Hint: first chapter, 6th para.)
5. Another space question! What planet orbiting the sun is actually no longer considered a planet, but a dwarf planet?
6. When is the release date for Book #2 in the Sparkstone series, Dreams In Her Head? (Hint: see here).
BONUS: Who is on the cover of Stars In Her Eyes? (Hint: I mentioned this at the Facebook party–it might not be who you think it is! To see the answer, visit the Faery Ink Press facebook page and read the description on the cover image of the page.)
Thanks everyone! Enter the giveaway here. Only a few days left until the giveaway is over!
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