"The Best Book Report I've Ever Written"

About a week ago, I got an email from a girl named Christine. The email was entitled, “The Best Book Report I’ve Ever Written.” Turns out, she had done my book Within for a book report in high school–and she got 100% on it! She has kindly given me permission to post some of the pictures she sent me of her project.
As part of the project, she had to make a collage to represent the book.

She writes in her book report:
I chose to represent this novel by making a fabric collage. The background is bright on the left and grey on the right with a jagged, rough transition between the two. This represents that everything in Trinity’s world started out happy and normal (the bright colors) but the car accident was a rough transition (the jagged edge) which started a bleak period in Trinity and her family’s life (the grey fabric). I also added a girl cut out of denim, but then ripped in half because after the accident, Trinity’s life is torn apart, although she doesn’t realize it, and so are the lives of all her family members and friends. It also represents that her family and friends are torn about whether or not to believe the story that Trinity, or some divine power inhabiting her body, is writing. Ellie is also torn between caring about her best friend and wanting Zack to be interested in her instead of Trinity. This is also why the piece is entitled Torn.
Here’s a picture of the collage, and the book report. Notice the cover of the book report has text from the novel! Super cool.

Way to go Christine! She did a great job evaluating the book. I really like the collage, and the name “Torn”. That would have made a good name for the novel itself!


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