The Violet Fox Blog Tour Wrap-Up

The Violet Fox Blog Tour was a HUGE success! Thank you to all the bloggers who participated and helped to make it awesome! You can see a summary of the quotes, as well as access all the interviews & guest posts on the media page.
I’m sure you’re all anxious to know the winner of the giveaway. It’s NATASHA MAY, from Slovenia. Guess what? She’s an artist, and a cool one too. You can check out her art on her website. Thanks to all who completed the Scavenger Hunt (there were almost 10 people who did it!) and who caught The Violet Fox! I’m still going through the entries because some of you deserve SWAG for all your efforts. I’m also getting a new batch of buttons and stickers hopefully soon, and bookmarks are coming this weekend, so I’ll be all stocked up and ready to give it all away.
Stay tuned to MORE blog tours (Within‘s book birthday was two days ago, going to organize an anniversary tour!) and more information about the new upcoming young adult science fiction series, SPARKSTONE.


blog tour, The Violet Fox

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