Violet Fox Release: A SUCCESS!

Yesterday, The Violet Fox launched in MonkeyShines Children’s Bookstore in Marda Loop, Calgary. It was a beautiful sunny day and so there were a number of people coming and going in the bookshop. I sold some copies, talked to a lot of people, gave away some stickers and buttons (I know. I don’t have bookmarks yet. I am a bad author) and so I consider the whole event a success! People were very impressed with the quality and the feel of the book (yay French flaps and deckled edge paper!) and also with the story synopsis.

My head looks super big in the bottom picture, probably because of the wide-angle shot. My head is not this huge in real life. 🙂
Or is it?
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
It isn’t.
Anyway! If you are in Calgary, Alberta, you can now buy my books from MonkeyShine’s Childrens Books! ^_^


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