In an effort to blog every day, I have stumbled across Imagination Prompt. Probably one of many writing prompts, it asks a question and you are supposed to write an answer. Whatever comes into your head.

So here I go.

What do you love to create?

My first reaction to the question is the word love. It’s such a strong word, and especially since it’s used in conjunction with create. For me these words are almost one and the same. What do you love to love? What do you create to create?

I like creating words that embody and represent something bigger than myself. I shape them as best I can, and then reshape them if something seems “out of sync” or doesn’t work. I think the desire to create is a force that drives me through life. I take on a lot of projects because I like creating, it’s like a tiny piece of me will be left behind with every project that comes to an end, but that’s okay because that’s how it works. I like creating alternate worlds in my stories to explore this one, to take elements and place them together, and like a scientist I can measure them and see how they all play together.

In addition, I think self-publishing is an ultimate expression of creation. Not only have you created the work, but you have created the means for the work to be read.

I want to lighten the mood by saying I like to create delicious food or something like that but I don’t necessarily enjoy cooking. Takes a lot of time away from writing and working. How about, I like creating fast meals like tofu and couscous that go together so that I can get back to more important creating.

Annnnd done. Bam. Created.