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Darkness In Her Reach



Sequel to Hunger In Her Bones

young adult science fiction | ages 12+


The first three books in the series!

Darkness In Her Reach is book four in the Sparkstone Saga. Stars In Her Eyes is book one, Dreams In Her Head is book two, and Hunger In Her Bones is book three.

Superhero stories

The Sparkstone Saga is about teens with superpowers fighting a secret alien invasion at an even more secretive "university."

Magical academy stories

Stars In Her Eyes and the rest of the Sparkstone Saga books take place at a fictional university, where the admittance criteria are just as secretive as the academy itself.

YA scifi novels

The Sparkstone Saga is brimming with aliens with weird agendas, travelling into space, and...teleportation?

Book Description - Darkness In Her Reach

Truth or lies
Don’t let the fear win
This is the beginning
Of the end

The secret is out. Aliens walk among us.

But…who cares? Not the students at Sparkstone University.

After all that Ingrid and her friends have sacrificed, the Collective deals their toughest blow yet: the promise of superpowers to any student who joins their twisted cause.

As Ingrid concocts a daring plan to strike at the heart of the Collective, she must also face a radicalized student-run militia, Wil’s erratic behaviour, and a plot to keep her away from Ethan...though he seems a little hazy on who he is, and why he’s here. Her power over space and time seems to be deepening, along with her doubts about her abilities, her friends, and her sanity.

When you have evidence of an alien invasion, it should be easy to convince your peers that they’re in danger.

Especially when you can travel through space and time at a whim.


If only saving the world were that easy.

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about the author

Clare C. Marshall grew up in rural Nova Scotia with very little television and dial-up internet, and yet she turned out okay. She is the founder and author-publisher behind Faery Ink Press, where she publishes young adult science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. Her fantasy novel, The Violet Fox was given an honorable mention in the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards and its sequel, The Emerald Cloth, was nominated for Best YA Novel in the 2019 Prix Aurora Awards. When she’s not writing or fiddling up a storm, she enjoys computer games and making silly noises at her two cats, Pinecone and Pavlova.

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Release Date: September 26, 2019 | Page Count: 292
ISBNs: Print: 978-1-988110-07-3  | eBook: 978-1-988110-08-0

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