Untitled Mermaid Book!


young adult fantasy mystery | ages 12+

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You WILL ENJOY this upcoming book if you love...


Humans aren't the only sentient beings on planet Earth. The mer culture has four distinct races and has survived many disasters and thousands of years in the ocean depths.

Murder Mysteries!

Portia and her human friends must get to the bottom of a disturbing series of deaths rocking a quiet seaside town.

YA fantasy books!

This novel is about a young mermaid who becomes human to serve time for a terrible crime. Hey, that rhymes! Learn about the mysterious mer who evolved alongside humanity - and why they keep their existence a secret.

Teen Romance!

A mermaid who falls in love with a human? A human who falls in love with a mermaid?? You are HERE for it!!

Learn more about how I created this fantasy novel

I started working on this book during cancer treatment. In this video, I talk about my cancer journey and discuss the many creative tools that helped me plot the mermaid story!