The Gathering

Come one, come all, ladies! (and lords!) The Gathering is about to begin…
In The Violet Fox, Kiera Driscoll disguises herself as a Marlenian princess and infiltrates the castle to retrieve a stolen magical tome that rightfully belongs to her people, the Freetors. She’s able to make it easily into the castle because of a festival called The Gathering. Every year, the four provinces of Marlenia send ladies and lords to stay at Prince Keegan’s castle to foster relationships. The Gathering’s ultimate purpose is to help Prince Keegan choose an able future bride to rule Marlenia at his side.
Now YOU can join in the celebrations, be you a princess or a pauper. But we’re all princesses on the inside, right? 🙂
In addition to the blog tour (running October 12-November 13), there will be one week of quizzes, games, scavenger hunts, and more! All good fun for the ladies of the realm, yes?
The Gathering will run October 14-21, 2012.
Some of the activities that will be going on are as follows. (Note that some may be subject to change) There will be prizes! (Scroll to the end to see!)

Catch the Violet Fox (Treasure Hunt):

This will run throughout the blog tour, but will start during The Gathering Week. Certain blogs that have signed up for the blog tour will have an image of the Violet Fox mask. To “catch” the mask, leave a comment on the blog post, and submit the URL with the scavenger hunt form. There will be five masks to catch in all.

The Scavenger Hunt (October 13th – November 13th)

This will go on throughout the blog tour. Eager ladies of the realm seeking to impress Prince Keegan must complete certain tasks to win his affection! Answer the skill-testing questions and catch the elusive Violet Fox to WIN!


A new quiz every week-day of The Gathering! Find out what Marlenian province you’re from, what Violet Fox character you’re most like, whether you are a Marlenian or a Freetor…and more! The quizzes are just for fun, and will probably not have prizes. 🙂


Now YOU can be The Violet Fox! Your mission: infiltrate the castle and steal the Holy One’s prized sceptre. Will you seduce the prince to achieve the goals? Become caught up in royal life? Or end up in the dungeons? It’s up to you.
Will be available as a downloadable PDF, or live on the Faery Ink Press website.


More details to come on the prizes, but by participating in the Scavenger Hunt & the Treasure Hunt, and entering The Grand Violet Fox Blog Tour giveaway, you could win…
-one of two handmade journals
-a paper copy of The Violet Fox
-an eBook copy of The Violet Fox
-Faery Ink Press SWAG! (Buttons, Bookmarks, Stickers)
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