Faces in the Mist, Part Fifteen

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“I’m afraid I can’t let you in. Lady Harmony is not to be disturbed.”
The nurse, wearing her light blue scrubs and traditional white hair net, was at least as young as Lady Kristen. Definitely no older than nineteen, at any rate. Being surrounded by all these juniors was making Lady Dominique worried about her complexion. She was turning twenty-nine in a few months, and she’d already noticed crow’s feet in the corners of her eyes. That worry line between her eyebrows was beginning to show as well.
She had to smile more. Her mother had always told her that. So had the Charter.
Dominique cleared her throat and picked a happy thought: tearing Queen Skyla’s hair out. The smile came easy. “I’m sure you can make an exception. I am the Second Lady, and my duty is to ensure the well-being of the First Lady.”
“Right now that’s Doctor Leeland’s duty,” the nurse replied. Her eyes were apologetic. “Sorry, my lady, but he was very clear about it. No visitors, not until we figure out what’s wrong with her. Queen Skyla’s command.”
Queen Skyla. She didn’t know what was going on. Her head was as dense as the moon rocks. “Have you any updates on her progress?”
“Sorry. That would be classified.”
“May we at least speak with Doctor Leeland? Surely he knows something new by now.”
The nurse shrugged like she didn’t care. “Doctor Leeland is on the other side of the medical bay, running some tests. He said that neither he nor Lady Harmony were to be disturbed until he was finished.”
Well. That was that. Lady Harmony was not getting a visit from them today. Perhaps it was for the best. If she was still in a coma, she wouldn’t even know they were there, and she wouldn’t be able to make note of it in her logs. If there was not a note made, when promotion time came around, it would be like the deed had not be done, and an opportunity may be lost.
Dominique was about to say her good-bye pleasantries when Lady Kristen suddenly piped up. Her eyes were ablaze and her hands were fists, but Dominique noticed the girl’s shaking legs. “Section 6, Chapter 4, Rule 247 of the Lady’s Charter states that no Lady is to be without Lady companionship during her stay in a medical facility. It is her right! And if her rights aren’t abided by, the very foundation of our organization would–”
“All right, all right, just…just wait a moment.” The nurse frowned and peered down the empty hallway. “I just don’t want to get in trouble. Quick, before the doctor knows.”
After inputting her security clearance, the nurse led them down a secure hallway. All of the doors along the corridor were sealed and it was a narrow space; Dominique tried not to think about all the death that plagued these rooms.
“So, how did I do?” Lady Kristen whispered. She looked like she was ready to explode into giggles. Practically hanging off Dominique’s left side, Lady Méline also looked amused, in her mousey, shy way.
“What do you mean?” Dominique asked.
The nurse looked back at them and gestured for them to hurry up.
“About me lying to the nurse, of course!” Lady Kristen squealed, covering her mouth so that the woman couldn’t hear. “You know there’s no Section 6 in the Lady’s Charter, right? Well, I mean, there are rules about how Ladies should have other Ladies with them in times of distress, but–”
“Yes, yes, of course.” Dominique waved her hand so that she would shut up. “Very well done.” Dominique hadn’t realized that there wasn’t a Section 6 at all. Perhaps Lady Kristen was more than just an overly excited drone. She would have to keep an eye on her in the future.
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