You're shopping for books as a gift, but you keep thinking...

  • “I don’t know if they already have this book.”
  • “I can’t choose WHICH book to buy!”
  • “What if they’ve already read this one?”
  • “What if I make the wrong choice?”

Here’s why a gift card from an independent publisher might be the perfect gift for a book lover this year. 

Gift cards are a practical choice

After all – you probably don’t have every single book on your niece, grandson, or sibling’s shelf memorized (if you do, wow, that’s a cool superpower!).

Whether or not you’re an avid reader yourself, choosing a book for someone who LOVES books is an extreme challenge because of their taste and breadth of knowledge.

Gift cards help mitigate this.

The Problem:
You don't want a gift card from just anywhere!

Gift cards, in and of themselves, can be really impersonal. Done wrong, they’re a clear signal of not knowing your gift receiver’s tastes.

The Solution:
A gift card that's right for the book lover in your life.

  • You want a gift that engages.
  • A gift that’s different than what everyone else is getting and receiving.
  • A gift that proves you know the receiver’s tastes and shows how good your taste is too.

So...why should you buy a gift card from me?

Great question.

Hey, I’m Clare. I’m an author/publisher.

  • I’ve been writing and publishing young adult science fiction and fantasy books since 2011 (almost 10 years, whoa!).
  • I’ve travelled all around the country (Canada!) selling my books at comic conventions, craft shows, and other festivals, and blogged about my experience.
  • My books have been shortlisted and recognized for various awards (The Emerald Cloth – shortlisted for the 2019 Aurora Award for Best YA Novel; The Violet Fox – received an honorable mention in the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards).
  • I’m based in Calgary, Alberta (grew up in rural Nova Scotia).

Faery Ink Press is my publishing company!

  • I publish young adult science fiction and fantasy books.
  • Yes – I publish my own books (and only my own books - for now!).
  • I’m extremely passionate about creating and selling my books directly to readers like you.
  • I am building something larger than myself.

Why buy a digital Faery Ink Press gift card?

Buy for yourself, or for someone else

Send the digital gift card to yourself or for someone else!

Support small business

Faery Ink Press is a single-author publisher. That’s me, Clare! I write and publish every book on this site. By buying a gift card, you are directly contributing to my success. No middle-men or third parties.

Schedule your digital gift card!

Don't miss an occasion ever again. Schedule your future digital gift card delivery to a friend's inbox today!

Add to your growing YA fiction collection

Gift cards are great for a YA science fiction or fantasy novel lover who has nearly every book ever written. Even if you already have all of my titles, I release 1-2 books a year. 

Choose from 4 price options and 3 designs

$20, $30, $50, and $100 options available, and three different themed designs!

Gift cards don't expire.

It's actually the law 🙂 Faery Ink Press digital gift cards never expire. Save the gift card until you need to use it!

Give the gift of signed books – anytime!

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