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“The Violet Fox is a can’t-put-down action, fantasy, YA, and romance all rolled into ONE! . . . Can’t wait for the sequel and to find out what’s to come!” –Forget the Housework, I’m Reading
The plot had some twists and turns. It was a quick read that left me wanting more. I really enjoyed this book!” –Picture Me Reading
“The book has lots of twists and turns that I never saw coming, and I absolutely loved it.” –We All Make Mistakes in Books
“Overall, I found The Violet Fox a very well constructed story – absorbing, action-filled and suspenseful with great writing and characters.” –Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy
“I have to say, the Violet Fox is type of heroine I wanted to be when I grew up.” –Angela Kulig, Author of Skeleton Lake
“The Violet Fox does a great job of exploring the deep-seated animosity that exists between two different peoples.” –Courtney Reads A Lot
“The Violet Fox is an intriguing blend of fantasy, mystery, romance, magic and action and I for one can’t wait for book two!” –Mandee @ Vegan YA Nerds
“It gives you surprises and keeps you on your toes.” –Cecilia @ Rather Barefoot Than Bookless
“It was a fresh and exciting read.” –Emily @ Anything in Fantasy
“Plenty of action kept me turning the pages and there were lots of twists, one big one I especially did not see coming at all! And I am not easily shocked with plots twists. I also really felt the emotion through the characters and one really shocking and depressing scene literally had me in tears.” –Jennifer @ Some Like It Paranormal
“The story has woven itself in my mind. I couldn’t get it out even if I wanted to. I couldn’t rest if I never finished the story. It was one of those things that kept you asking and asking, like an impossible question you just can’t answer.” –Marian @ Whenever Life Gets Tough
“Can’t wait to see what happens next!” –Tiffany @ Velvet Red
“There were a lot of twists as the story progressed, making it entirely unpredictable to me. Even when I thought I had things figured out, I was wrong.” –Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason
“Clare Marshall does a brilliant job of writing both the sad and emotional scenes. She also weaves a complex storyline that I think will attract most audiences.” –Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books
“Marshall’s The Violet Fox was an engaging read with plot twists that always kept me guessing.” –Sittin’ Under the Oak Tree
“The world Clare Marshall has created is brilliant, to me I felt almost like I was reading instead of watching the show Once Upon A Time….It was a visual treat for the senses.” –Kristin @ Blood, Sweat and Books
“A fantastic start to the series!! If you like your books to have action, suspense, magic, romance, evil and kick ass characters, then you can’t go wrong with The Violet Fox!! I’m so happy that I got to read this much sooner than anticipated and am really looking forward to reading what happens next!!” –YA Book Addict
“What can I say, I do love a good romance weaved in the story and this one was done really well.” –Cecilia Robert, Author of the Soul Collectors Series
“After a month I picked it up again and finished it within a day! I think that says enough!” –Helene’s World of Books
“I also enjoyed that the back story ended up being more complex instead of one set of people being evil and the other good.” –Ensconced in YA
“Cannot recommend this one enough to any fan of YA, it’s amazing and I will be re-reading it over and over!” –Booking it with Hayley G
“I love it when a book keeps me far enough in the loop that I know where I’m going, but still manages to surprise me with a few twists towards the end and that’s definitely what we get here.” –Jenny @ A Bookish Co-Op
“I was hooked right away.” –DanaSquare
“With its vividly descriptive world, fully drawn characters, and engrossing story, The Violet Fox is a prime example of YA fantasy.” –Lee @ Rally the Readers


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Praise for WITHIN

“Surprisingly Brilliant” — Forever Lost in Books
“The characters are well written and vivid! They are complex and have real motivations. They seem so so real that you want to curse them out or slap them at times!” — Dead Trees and Silver Screens
“If you want to read a book that’s outside the usual YA with mystery, deception and a little supernatural then I suggest you try Within” — Fantasy’s Ink
“Weaving together the past, the present, one’s mind, and a web of lies, Within isn’t what you’d expect. It’s a fresh take on a popular subject, and filled to the brim with deception and mystery.” — The Magic Attic
“This story moved me to tears.” — Gothic Angel Book Reviews
“Ms. Marshall has done an exemplary job of writing both sad and emotional scenes, but also weaving together an intricate story line that will capture any reader.” –Avery Olive, author of A Stiff Kiss
“… if you like a book so emotional, laced with mystery with some dark stuff going on, I’d highly recommend this book.” –Cecilia Robert, author of the Soul Collectors Series.
“This story was like dark chocolate; at times both delicious and bitter, and improved by a glass of wine.” –Dark Side of the Covers
Within pours out suspense and developing talent! I’m very curious to see where Clare’s work goes in the future. She is definitely one to watch!” — Sarah @ Inklings Read
“The story was unique, well written, dark and sometimes disturbing, heartbreaking, and very realistic.” –Marie Landry, author of Blue Sky Days.
“I would so recommend Within to any Tween – YA readers, as well as adults. The Author Clare Marshall has done a brilliant job for her first book and I hope to read more from her in the future.” –Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment
“Marshall did a great job writing a suspenseful yet heart-breaking plot that kept me reading to the last page.” –A Written Rhapsody



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