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Brendan had plans and dreams, and children sometimes complicated such things.
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Chapter 5


Fifteen Years Ago

“I’m not tired,” Riona said, climbing hurriedly to her feet. “I want to go outside with that lady and see the workers.”

Fingal smiled. “Maybe later. Nap time.”

“Oh yes,” Nora quickly agreed, appraising Riona. “Your pretty eyes need a rest. I want you awake tonight so everyone can meet you then. You want to attend the party, right?”

Riona bunched her lips in protest. “I don’t like parties.”

“Oh,” Nora said, in mock offence, grinning widely, the spat with Donnoch and his family put to rest—for now.

“All right.” Fingal swooped in before the girl could raise any more suspicion. Personally, he agreed with Riona. Large gatherings in small spaces made him uncomfortable. He wasn’t looking forward to spending copious amounts of time with Captain Stovel and his men, either.

“Iris. You are definitely sleepy.” He gave her a look. He wasn’t sure if she could understand sarcasm, or non-verbal cues. Her gaze narrowed in confusion as he scooped her off the floor and carried her up the stairs….

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