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In Chapter 14, Connor gets what he wants – with a terrible price. Riona restarts an ancient order. And the two set out on an adventure that will alter their lives forever.

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Chapter 14


“Wait. You’re telling me the Evil Queen Caetriona, the murderous queen of the fae, is still alive?” Connor looked incredulous. “And she’s your mother?”

“Yes.” Riona leaned against a thick birch tree. Now he knew the whole story, or as much as he needed. “That’s why I have to fight her. And those who once supported her. To prevent her from rising again and taking control of the fae militia and destroying everyone in the realm.”

“Wait. She’s not…in control of the fae militia?”

“We don’t know how much control she exerts on them. Riklar was in the castle when I was young. He was one of her trusted advisors, but we don’t know if he’s acting with his own agenda or as part of hers. I like to think she’s not giving the fae militia orders. I…I don’t think she wants me dead.”

“How do you know?” Connor demanded. “How do I know you’re not secretly working for her, under her control?”

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About Wingtorn

Wingtorn is a young adult fantasy serial podcast written and performed by Clare C. Marshall. Each episode is a different chapter of the story. There are multiple “books” (or in podcasting lingo – seasons) in Wingtorn. They all follow a continuing young adult fantasy story. It’s best to start at the beginning with Arrival, Chapter 1.

You can also read the text version here(Note: there are some minor differences between the text & the audio version, so it’s not a perfect read-along, but it’s close enough!).

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