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Riona’s defensive spell took all of her concentration. Her connection to the Spirit Mother remained tenuous at best, as if attempting to parse a faraway conversation while underwater.

Of the two Imperial guards assigned to watch her within the room they had paid for at the Tennly Inn and Coaching House, only one had remained vigilant. He sat on the chesterfield, legs crossed, arms spread, and attention on the sights and sounds of the room. The second guard had fallen asleep on the chair, which she had moved a safe distance away from Riona to the door. Riona caught glimpses of the vigilant guard as she came to, experienced another round of gut-wrenching pain, and pretended to fall back asleep. Although the time between the attacks was lengthening and she felt considerably more capable than she had hours ago, the poison still wormed inside her. A full-blooded fae would have faired worse. Perhaps they would have died.

As she laid in bed, taking an in-depth account of her various aches, pains, and her overall tactical disadvantage, her mind turned to Connor. She remembered hearing a struggle. Her defensive bubble had repelled Imperial flies like a sweet vinegar trap. But then Connor had been arrested. For…murder. Surely that wasn’t right. His magic was untamed, but he wouldn’t intentionally kill someone. Unless it was Riklar Dheediannil, and even then, the young wielder would die in the attempt.

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