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“You have to leave,” Riona said again to Connor, ignoring the bandit that hoisted her to her feet.
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Chapter 9


Riona had learned many lessons growing up on the run with Fingal. The first, and the most important being, trust no one. The second? Know your local plants in the deepest woods, and the bootsteps of friend or foe, so you are never caught unaware.

But somewhere on that list was, don’t let the Scavs catch you. Especially if you’re trespassing on their territory. Their being a subjective word, as ownership granted by the capital or the royal family was not always recognized by the notorious, greedy bandits….

About Wingtorn

Wingtorn is a young adult fantasy serial podcast written and performed by Clare C. Marshall. Each episode is a different chapter of the story. There are multiple “books” (or in podcasting lingo – seasons) in Wingtorn. They all follow a continuing young adult fantasy story. It’s best to start at the beginning with Arrival, Chapter 1.

You can also read the text version here(Note: there are some minor differences between the text & the audio version, so it’s not a perfect read-along, but it’s close enough!).

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