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Fingal glanced at the destroyed scaffolding. “Is this an interrogation, Captain?”
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Chapter 12

Fifteen Years Ago

Fingal lay in the crumpled sheets of the bed in the guest room, eyes fixated on the ceiling as the sun peeked through the window. The ray of sunlight grew larger and stronger, grounding Fingal’s body. His mind hummed and turned with anxious thoughts that gripped him so tightly he couldn’t move if he wanted to.

He could take off with the girl. Leave his friends in this middle-of-nowhere hamlet. At least until he figured out what to do with Riona.

But if he left without warning, his friends would search for him. That was just who they were. Good people….

About Wingtorn

Wingtorn is a young adult fantasy serial podcast written and performed by Clare C. Marshall. Each episode is a different chapter of the story. There are multiple “books” (or in podcasting lingo – seasons) in Wingtorn. They all follow a continuing young adult fantasy story. It’s best to start at the beginning with Arrival, Chapter 1.

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