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dramatis personae

Connor Donmagh. A young man originally from Ashdown with budding magical talent. He wants to study at the Tower in Halsimarth, the capital, but his fate is forever changed by the midnight arrival of a half-fae and her guardian.

Riona “Ree” Morpleth. A young half-fae, raised by Fingal Morpleth. An extremely powerful wielder who carries a dark secret.

Fingal Morpleth. Ree’s guardian and former war orphan turned Brigade Fighter. Grew up with Nora and Brendan. Hides many secrets from his past, even from his friends.

Caetrhiean Khondru, aka The Evil Fae Queen. Lead a terrible war against the humans. Killed at the end of the war 15 years ago. Also called Caetriona.

Nora (Dorr) Donmagh. Connor’s mother. Former war orphan turned Brigade Fighter. Sister of Brendan, wife to Donnoch.

Donnoch Donmagh. Connor’s father, from the Drahticht Isle. Became a Brigade Fighter as a young man, where he met his wife Nora and friends Brendan and Fingal. Family has business interests across the continent and the Isle.

Brendan “Bren” Dorr. Nora’s brother. Former war orphan turned Brigade Fighter. Dead.

Ollivan Stovel. Connor’s best friend. He wants to join the Imperial Guard and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Galen Stovel. Oliver’s father. A semi-retired Imperial solider. He used to serve in the capital in the Imperial army. Now resides in Ashdown, and works as an Imperial army recruiter.

King Ansgarid. First of his name, the king of the human realm.

Riklar Dheediannil. A leader of the reformed fae militia, extremists and fae purists with a specific interest in Ree Morpleth.

Maghlee Donmagh. Donnoch’s mother.

Donlorgan Donmagh. Donnoch’s father.

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