Wingtorn Glossary

This page contains no spoilers. Enjoy!


Lavender tea – a common tea enjoyed on the continent.

Honey Water – a sweet drink derived from honey, a common drink in the fae lands. Usually enjoyed hot, but can also be drunk cold.

Oxenberries – a bright blue-red berry found in Azara Forest and throughout the mainland.

Fasagsh – a plant found on the Archipelagoes. It smells bad but makes fae dishes “palatable” for humans and keep better on the whole.

The Fae Militia

Chos – a foot soldier, those who operate mostly on the ground. They generally don’t have or use magic.

Verkain Chos – an experienced foot soldier, who mainly leads ground operations. They have a specialty navigating particular terrains and are good trackers (scouts). Humans serving in the fae militia could not advance beyond this level—they were often very trusted.

Sciathan Chos – a winged soldier, the lowest in the “winged” portion of the militia.

Verkain Scia – a scout for the winged portion of the militia

Scia – a full-fledged member of the militia. The highest of the lowest.

Sciaonir – the second level

Sciacath – the third level, usually awarded to those who have killed a number of humans or demonstrated above and beyond behaviour

Scialeir – the fourth level, these are captains/generals leading troupes

Scialeir Glas – the fifth level, a low-level admiral, still with one foot in the ground. Distinguished in battle, they often preside over matters close to the ground.

Scialeir Gorm – The formally final level, similar to the fifth, more or less equal. These high level officers preside over matters in the sky/clouds.

Scialeir Criona – the highest level, admiral(s), advising the queen in her inner circle. This was a special rank created by Queen Caetriona (the Evil Queen).

Groups and Societies

The Order of the Scia Crescent – the ancient order of fighters and mages that protected fae royalty. Destroyed by the evil fae queen in the beginning of the recent human-fae war.

The Scavs – Originally the Sickle and the Scavs, they are former farmers and lay people who turned to thievery, seduced by a life of “adventure.” They travel around the continent robbing rich carriages on their way to the capital.


celim – equivalent to a kilometre

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