This is a fantasy serial podcast. You can read or listen to the story. Start at the beginning, at Chapter 1, Book 1.

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Wingtorn 3 returns July 2021! Learn more in this new update interlude episode!
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Wingtorn Returns July 2021: Update Interlude Episode!

Talking Points:

  • I’ve shifted from weekly format to a seasonal format – so that means that instead of creating the podcast week after week, it’s more like a TV show, where there’s a break and then new episodes are released at a certain time of year.
  • Wingtorn Book 3 will return on July 2021. Put it on your calendars!
  • New theme music is pretty by Cloud Road Music! Additional music by Irene Chan!
  • You can download the text version of Arrival (Book 1) here.
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About Wingtorn

Wingtorn is a young adult fantasy serial podcast written and performed by Clare C. Marshall. Each episode is a different chapter of the story. There are multiple “books” (or in podcasting lingo – seasons) in Wingtorn. They all follow a continuing young adult fantasy story. It’s best to start at the beginning with Arrival, Chapter 1.

You can also read the text version here(Note: there are some minor differences between the text & the audio version, so it’s not a perfect read-along, but it’s close enough!).

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