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Gear and Sea

young adult post-apocalyptic | ages 12+

This is a stand-alone story I wrote in a greater story universe, published by fellow artist friends of mine. 

You can 100% still enjoy and follow this story without knowing anything about the greater story universe!

You WILL ENJOY Gear and Sea if YOU LOVE...

Post-apocalyptic stories

Gear and Sea is set on a post-apocalyptic planet filled with islands and killer robots.

Stories about robots and the children who love them.

Fans of The Iron Giant or Next Gen will really like this story.

Stories about the nuances of good and evil

Is anger bad? Can hope and love triumph over fear? Are we doomed to do evil things because of our programming?

Book Description - Gear and Sea

On the wide endless ocean, in a ship shaped like a turtle with a mind of its own, are children—survivors of global destruction caused by robots the kids call ‘clunkers’. But all the kids have are their stories, especially when it comes to the red, corrupted clunkers called rends, who destroy anything in their path without warning or mercy.
Ty and Raleigh are the oldest on the ship, and best friends, and when they find a clunker in pieces on one of the many islands the turtle ship visits, they bring it aboard with the intention of rebuilding it. Ty has her misgivings, but Raleigh wants to be ready to fight the monsters—even if the greatest monster they’ve faced is much closer than they realize.

Friendship, jealousy, and the guts to choose between them intertwine in this brand-new adventure in the Silent Guardians series, a world of robots and the kids who love them, created by GMB Chomichuk and Justin Currie.

This book was a collaboration.

When Gregory and Justin approached me about writing a novel in their Silent Guardians universe, my first thought was, “Is this going to be a real thing?”

It’s my first thought with every proposal, every request, every conversation. So often in the artist community, an invigorating idea from a late-night conversation fizzles out the next morning.

But Gregory and Justin—the boys, as we call them—that’s not the case with them. When they have an idea, they see it through. I like to think I’m the same.
Writing a book in someone else’s world is like an extended stay at a friend’s house. You’ve been invited, but you’re conscious of being in their space, so you’d better not break or say anything that would make you overstay your welcome.

My goal in writing this story was to blend our aesthetics – a girl meets robot story, but the girl has a fantastical, difficult responsibility in a world bigger than she can imagine. The rends are powerful and destructive, but destruction can come from within too. We can choose to do right by others, even if it is the most difficult path before us.

So thank you Gregory and Justin, for asking me to be part of your world. And thank you Sam, for guiding us all into making it happen.

My goal in writing this story was to blend our aesthetics – a girl meets robot story, but the girl has a fantastical, difficult responsibility in a world bigger than she can imagine.

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Release Date: April 25, 2019 | Page Count: 208
ISBN: 978-0-9939446-6-6

To learn more about the Silent Guardians story universe, visit the Chasing Artwork website.

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